High Water Bills

Concerned about high water bills? There are various factors that may contribute to high water consumption and thus water cost.

The most common cause of higher water costs is irrigation. In the intense hot summer weather, it is expected that water usage will increase because of landscape irrigation. Watering times generally double during the summer months compared to winter months. Though recommended watering times will vary depending on types of plants and irrigation systems, excessive watering is one of the main causes of high consumption. If you have an automated irrigation system, it’s wise to check the valves and timer(s) periodically to be sure the system is functioning properly. Remember, if a sprinkler valve sticks on, it has the potential of wasting an extremely high amount of water.

Some other common factors which affect water consumption are leaks, use of evaporative coolers, air conditioning pre-coolers and swimming pools. Of course, evaporative coolers, pre-coolers and swimming pools will account for increased usage during the summer months under normal circumstances. But routine maintenance and checking of this equipment can prevent leaks and other malfunctions that increase water use.

Water leaks are a major concern for home-owners. The easiest way to determine if there is a leak on your property is to check the water meter. Make sure no water is running anywhere on the property, then check the digits on the water meter. If these digits continue to move, and no water is being used, this would indicate a possible water leak. If you suspect there is a leak, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

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